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How the heck do I get my pets to Hawaii?!? Coming soon!!!

Let me know if you guys are interested in specific topics.

The first one I plan to write about is how the heck to get your pets to Hawaii without losing your mind (and your life's savings). I am asked this question almost daily, and the information available is incredibly convoluted. Most feel they must hire a pet shipping company and pay double to triple the cost of doing it themselves. Trust me it's doable and fairly straightforward once you have someone break down the steps for you.

I'll do just soon as I get a chance! PCS season is in full swing along with a super busy summer of caring for everyone's pets while they travel. Did I mention I have a young kid home for the summer and tagging along while I work, 3 spoiled dogs and a husband halfway around the world? Yeah...true story. I'm fumbling my way through a rapidly growing pet business in its infancy while also trying to maintain the remnants of my sanity.

But soon!

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